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Civitan International is a volunteer service organization founded in 1917. Since its inception, Civitan clubs have given back to their communities through impactful service projects.

One Hundred Years, the CIVITAN CLUB of Dayton has given back to Miami Valley through widely known organizations, United Rehabilitation Services (URS), The Victory Project, Building Bridges, Montgomery County Police Athletic Association (PAAL), and Choices in Living. Civitan’s participation in supporting these organization have positively impacted (THOUSANDS) of individuals in Miami Valley. Over the years, the Civitan Club of Dayton has participated in the URS Telethon, 9 years sponsoring the Civitan Quackers Event to help sell Ducks for the URS Duck Regatta raising Thousands of Dollars. Civitans worked with Choices in Living with The Dayton Elks Lodge # 0058 providing a meaningful annual event, grilling, and serving food and giving prizes to the Clients of Choices in Community Living. When the George Foster Home was functioning under Building Bridges, the Civitan volunteers re-landscaped the home on North Salem Street every year. The Civitan Club has helped with donations and promoting the services for these non-profit organizations.

In addition to supporting the local community, the
CIVITAN CLUB of Dayton has made a tremendous impact throughout the world by supporting the organization’s flagship project, the Civitan International Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham located in Birmingham, Alabama. The Civitan International Research Center opened in 1992 and has since emerged as a world leader in the research and treatment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

The Civitan Club of Dayton meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at The Dayton Woman’s Club located at 225 N Ludlow Street, Dayton, OH and may move back to Thursdays in the future at this Historic Location on Thursdays.

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